Showman and Coole Play Hartford - Facebook Live

The whole damn world!!!!!

Next Tuesday night at 7:30pm EST, @John Showman and I will be live-streaming a socially distanced set of John Hartford songs and tunes right here on FB. We are doing this as a wake for the tour we were supposed to be on right now, which would have included John Hartford Memorial Festival this very weekend.

Back in the Goodle Days! Man, this song feels poignant right now, starts out ominous, but it's got a lot of hope.

Thanks to all the other venues The Brashler Barn, Montrose Saloon, The Venue on Winnebago St., Seman Violins, The Robin Theatre, Acoustic Harvest that were going to host us!

Hope to see you next week - Tuesday, June 2 @ 7:30pm EST (don't worry, we'll remind you again)