New Lonesome Ace Album Has Begun Cooking!

We're deep into pre-production for our 5th album which will be out in the spring of 22. 

Following our pattern of alternating between a trad-based album and an album of originals, we have been doing a lot of writing (next album will be originals).  We're very excited about what's been manifesting. There has been lots to reflect on over the past year, and the muse has been active indeed!

We will start releasing some singles in the fall, so look out for that!

On The Road Again!

That's right, we've started booking again and have 3 tours scheduled for early 2022!

We'll be visiting the UK in January, Eastern US in February, and Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC in March/April. 

Some dates are already up, and more are rolling in. 

Adeline - A Weird and Funky Old-Time Album! - It's Alive!

John and Chris are so excited to be a part of this collaborative project with Adrian Gross (The Slocan Ramblers), Sam Allison (Sheesham and Lotus), and Mark Kiliansky (Golden Shoals). The album dropped today and is available for sale at and is streaming away on all the major music delivery services. 


Fiddle and Banjo Fridays - New Videos Every Week!

We've been posting new videos every week since last July to our Facebook and Instagram feeds. Be sure to follow us so you don't miss out on the action!

Here's a YouTube playlist so you can catch up on some of what you may have missed!

Here's a cool playlist we made that shows where we got some of the inspiration for our latest album. You can listen to the original versions of each song, then hear the direction that we took it in!


UK Tour

 —  —

We can't wait to get back to the Olde Country! Some Dates listed, more coming soon!


North Eastern U.S. Tour

 —  —

Details coming soon!


Alberta, BC, Saskatchawan Tour

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