"Three powerful musicians, playing, and singing, some powerful music"
Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine 


Tours of B.C., Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Germany in 2017!

2017 is going to be a busy year. We'll be in coastal BC in Jan/Feb, and the the Prairies (and eastern BC) in April. Most of the dates are up now on our shows page.

The New Album is Out!

That's right folks, our second album "Gone For Evermore" is out, about, and ready to be sold to you!

If you liked our first album "OLD TIME", you'll love our new one. We took a similar approach to recording, in that we did it live to tape with no overdubs. We were standing right next to each other, just like we would be if we were jamming or doing a gig. Our friend Gavin Gardiner recorded it, and we love the results. we think you will too. Click Here to listen or purchase "Gone For Evermore"

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