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Lonesome Ace News

CD Release! September 16 


Our new album "Gone For Evermore" is all done up! 

We are doing a double CD release show a the Tranzac on September, 16 with the great fiddler Tony Allen.  

Tony will be releasing his new CD "Bachelor's Hall" in the first set. Lonesome Ace will be releasing our new one, "Gone For Evermore" in the second set, then we will push the chairs aside and dance. 

In the Studio and 3 New Videos 

Hey Folks

Lots of people have asked when we're going to make our next album. Well, it's in the works right now! The new stuff should be out by the end of the summer, so keep an eye on the site. In the meantime, we have three new videos for you to check out. Here's one of them...the rest are on our "video" page. 

Official Showcases at IBMA and FMO! 

We're thrilled to be chosen as official showcase artists at this years IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) World of Bluegrass conference in Raleigh NC as well as the Folk Music Ontario Conference. IBMA runs from September 29th-October 3, and it's a great place to see what's going on in the bluegrass galaxy. Click Here for a link to the website.  FMO runs from October 15-18 click here for details. We're honored to be chosen for both these great events. 
World of Bluegrass

Buy the "old-time"....you've got lots of options 

So, we've had lots of emails asking about how folks can buy the new CD. 

If you'd like to download from itunes, click here , if you'd like to order a hard copy from CD baby click here

....but the best way to buy the CD is to download it directly from this site. For one, you'll get a much higher quality wav. file compared to the mp3 you'll get at Itunes, 
for two, it's a buck cheaper for you, for three, we cut out the corporate middle man and we get %100 of the sale. Go to our music/store page.

So, there you go, in any case, we hope you download that mother and enjoy the hell out of it!

Our New CD is Out! 

This June, we released our first CD - "old-time"

Recorded live in 2 days with no edits or overdubs, this record captures the great live energy of the trio. This is the right treatment for their old-time, Appalachian stringband sound. It's visceral music - these are tunes and songs for all occasions including  dances, weddings, births, wars, parties and funerals. They come from a tradition that has inspired and brought together generations of people and their themes speak to everyone - love, loss, hard work and hardship, faith, and everyday life.

 Recorded by James Paul at Rogue Studios in Toronto, the record has 11 tracks of traditional music, including two original instrumentals. The trio was confident enough in it's approach that it invited Mitch Fillion (Southern Souls) to shoot some of the recording process, and the results were such that tracks 2 and 9 were captured on film as they were being recorded. Here they are  "Cherry River Line" and "Katy HIll" on youtube

If you're interested in purchasing the CD, got to our "music" page, or click on the CD Baby Icon on this page. 


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